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Swimming Pool Pumps And Filters

The Clearwater C Series is the entry level Salt Chlrinator from Zodiac offering you a cost-effective way to sanitise your pool. Hundreds of thousands have been installed in pools around the world.

The only maintenance the Clearwater C Series requires is cleaning of the electrode. This should be done on a weekly basis.

Inovative & Practical

  • 3 Year Manufacturing Defects Warranty
  • 1 Year Unconditional Warranty
  • High cholorine output caters for most pool sizes
  • Easy Installation to new and existing pools
  • Chlorine Meter and output control

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Badu EcoWise Filter

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Zodiac Tri

Recycle Clean Backwash Water Into Your Pool

  • Stop waisting backwash water
  • Save water: safe, simple, minimal operation cost
  • Same day installation
  • Prevents release of unfriendly pool chemicals into the environment
  • Priced from R1,975 installed
Recycle Clean Backwash Water Into Your Pool